Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Hearstream Journey?

As the name suggests, it is a journey to the heart--to the heart of whatever issues are present for an individual or couple--to the heart of the meaning of the journey of life. Our therapeutic processes are based on this metaphor which was discovered in an ancient story, from which a guided imagery has been generated. The story traces the journey of a stream from its origins, to its near annihilation, to its transformation and rebirth. Our programs mirror the process of the spiritual/emotional journey of life and meaning and bring this process into focus. The programs bring an individual or couple gently to the spiritual turning point and create the safety within which life change can unfold symbolically and new choices are brought into vivid awareness.

Will there be adequate time for each of us in the group to process?

Yes.  Each individual or couple is given focused time in the group to address  core issues. In the individual Journey Week program, this is followed  with a second focused piece in which the new vision generated from the  first piece is reconfirmed and supported. The couples program has a  similar process focusing on the relationship vision.  When a couple  attends the individual Journey Week, the processes are combined.

Will I be forced to do anything?

No. Everything in our programs is done by choice.

Have you done the work yourself?

Yes,  absolutely. We never ask anyone to do anything we haven't been willing  to do ourselves. The work of these programs represents the formats in  which both of us have done our own healing work and the work of  developing our spiritual partnership.

What makes Heartstream Journeys unique among similar programs?

Several  things. First of all, you can be assured who your group leaders will be  with us. We (Melissa and Bedford) lead each group. We have received  much feedback that, while we maintain healthy boundaries, our personal  sharing of our journeys has been inspirational to our groups. We don't  hold out the illusion that we have "arrived" and group members are  "trying to get there." We journey with our groups in healing,  transformation, and spiritual evolution, and take great joy in the  process. We are honored to be with our participants. We also make  private rooms available to each participant in our residential programs.  With such intense group involvement, we respect your right and need for  private space.

Can you say more about your style of group leadership?

Respect  is the key word. We believe that each individual has within them an  inner healer. Some call it a Higher Self, a connection to a Higher  Power, a connection to Spirit, or the Holy Spirit within. We believe  that our job is to honor that connection and to facilitate the  illumination of a healing process, which mirrors and ultimately  expresses the spiritual evolution of each individual and couple. Our  programs create a safe space or healing ground. Each element of the  experiential psychodramatic process emerges from the individual or  couple. We have drawn much from the psychomotor model, which allows each  role-playing figure to truly represent an aspect of the inner  experience of the individual. Healing figures (also called ideal figures  or archetypal figures) are generated from each individual's healing  potential. We limit ad-libbing from role-players so that the entire  experience in an experiential piece is reflective of that healing  process, and the personalities of the role-players do not impede that  process. We have received much feedback that as we have developed our  personal and professional relationship, the resulting equality and  respect between us has been facilitative in itself.