What we do like noone else does...


All our programs are based on the belief that:

  • We all start life's journey with a pure heart,
  • With a willing spirit,
  • With a sense of connection.

Our programs are described as:

  • A journey to understanding and possibilities.
  • A place to heal broken hearts.
  • A place to renew the spirit and gain wisdom and clarity of vision.

Our programs are developed from:

  • Sound principles and experiential methods.
  • A depth of understanding of the human condition.
  • Over 35 years of personal and professional experience and expertise.
  • Feedback and wisdom of over 12,000 participants.

In our programs you will:

  • Know who your group leaders will be.  Melissa and Bedford lead every group.
  • Have  access to a private room (no extra charge) in all of our residential  programs.  With such intense group involvement, we understand and  respect your need for private space.
  • Be part of a small and sometimes surprisingly, but invaraibly compatible and serendipitous group.
  • Follow your deep healing work with anchoring re-visioning work and develop a clear action plan.