Recommended Links

Well of Mercy

Visit our dear friends, Sister Brigid, Sister Donna, and the staff at the Well of Mercy, a place where individual spiritual retreat takes on a whole new meaning. The 100 acre wood has magic in it, along with the easy reflection time, counseling, massage therapy, labyrinth walks, healing touch, hot tub soaks, and amazing, nutritious food. Any and all of the services are available or one can simply rest and retreat. The accommodations are wonderfully comfortable and the walking trails gently invite a walk in the woods. Heartstream Journeys visits for four programs each year and we have always left nurtured and renewed.

Thom Rutledge

If you are looking for excellent self-helpful reading, visit our friend  Thom Rutledge. Thom's internationally acclaimed book, Embracing Fear,  has been a healing friend to many thousands and is foundational to his  workshop presentations, which are available along with workshops on a  variety of topics.Thom is also the co-author (with Jenni Schaefer)  of Life Without Ed: Declaring Independence from Eating Disorders, a book  that is bringing real hope and tangible help to thousands of eating  disorder sufferers.

Men's Leadership Alliance

The most powerful and artfully crafted men's leadership program we know of is in a magical place called Sapphire Canyon, Colorado. It is offered by our friends at the Men's Leadership Alliance -- MLA is also now offering elder, father-son, and youth programs.

Rites Of Passage Council

Visit our  friends Kedar Brown and company at the Rites of Passage Council for a  variety of indigenous wisdom and healing experiences. Kedar is one of  the greats in facilitating Vision Quest and other experiential healing  processes.