Joining Heartstreams Couple's Workshop

Designed for Couples at Any Stage of Coupleship.

Conceived in 1996 and first implemented a year later, our program is designed for couples at any stage of coupleship. We have had many couples in beginning stages who want to learn to effectively communicate as their commitment deepens. We have had many couples who are in the throes of power struggle, who are having difficulty making life work in the midst of pressures of all kinds. Many have come to us after traumas or losses, or after discovering how past traumas are affecting their relationship today. Some have come on the verge of divorce or separating life paths.

We believe that relationships are perhaps our most profound opportunity  to generate an environment for healing and personal growth.  Our program  is designed to create this healing ground.  When both individuals are  open to active personal growth, difference and conflict can actually be  turned into a catalyst for new possibilities for both individuals and  for the relationship.  We have been profoundly moved and inspired again  and again by this process.

The workshop proceeds from its opening phase, which  involves the creation of a safe, healing circle and teaching of the  principles of containment and intentional relationship building, to a  demonstration of the healing container process by the two of us.

We take a real issue and work it through for the first time, allowing  participating couples to observe and later discuss all aspects of the  process.  Consistent feedback to us has been that our "walking the walk"  in this way has been a profoundly inspiring and helpful aspect of the  program.

The next phase involves each couple taking time to move through whatever  issues they choose, using the container process, the support of the  group, and our coaching.  Each couple is then encourages to complete the  Relationship Vision Exercise before we move to celebration and  ceremony, which takes us through the last night to the final day's  completion work.

The programs each have a maximum of four couples and are all lead  personally by the two of us.  We believe so deeply in this work because  it is foundational to our own marriage.  Please feel free to call or  text either of us (615.477.7336 - Bedford * 615.463.7684 - Melissa) or  email ( if you have any questions.

If our program speaks to your heart and you wish to join us, you will find additional information below:


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