Franklin/Nashville Area Practice

Bedford's Practice

  • Individual Counseling
  • Personal & Professional Consultation
  • Couples & Family Therapy
  • Ongoing  Group Therapy for Individuals, involving experiential work using  psychodrama and psychomotor work, as well as intensive group support.  Groups meet monthly and are often augmented by individual work between  group sessions.
  • Ongoing Training Group Therapy for Helping  Professionals, providing the opportunity for helping professionals to  experience personal experiential therapy work as a training experience.

Melissa's Practice

  • Spiritual Direction for Individuals
  • Personal and Professional Consultation and Mentorship
  • Women's Programs
  • Ongoing Couple's Groups

Ongoing Couple's Group

Led by Melissa & Bedford, these groups are available to couples who  have worked previously with Bedford or attended Joining Heartstreams or  Intensive Couple's Work.  Meeting on a monthly basis, the groups have a  maximum of four couples and involve ongoing container work, experiential  work, and problem solving as life unfolds for each couple.

One & Two-Day Workshop Presentations

Bedford & Melissa can provide a one or two-day workshop as a  training for professionals or personal growth for any individuals or  couples.  Please contact us if interested in bringing a workshop to your  town or organization.

Contact Us

1004 Cumberland Park Drive
Franklin, TN 37069
615.463.7684 (Melissa)
615.477.7336 (Bedford)