Heartstream Journey Program

Heartstream Journey Personal Growth & Training Program.

Created  in 1985, originally called the "Treatment Week" and later, "Journey  Week," the program has now served over 10,000 participants, not only in the US, but internationally as well. It has been difficult to describe, but has  never ceased to surprise, enlighten, and amaze.  It has been called  "soul work," "psychic regeneration," "a place to heal broken hearts,"  and "a place of new beginnings."

Using several  symbolic/experiential modalities in group therapy work, we create a safe  and respectful healing community in which participants can then move  deeply into the "heartstream" or the spiritual/emotional/developmental  process of life.  As participants face and understand the blocks,  addictions, and faulty imprints that limit and sidetrack their  development, deep emotional and spiritual healing experiences emerge  through symbolic group work. A profound, new relationship with self  invariably emerges.  

The process then moves to the  creation of a new vision for life as it will follow this healing  experience.  The vision is created with word and with visual  expression.  The group moves to affirm the vision as the next  experiential process unfolds.  The healing and new vision are then  celebrated and life planning creates a practical action plan, based on  new choices, new empowerment and new possibilities. 

The  program is designed within a six day format. Group size is normally  limited to eight participants. On a rare few occasions, we have expanded  the time of the process on the front end by three hours and have  included nine participants.  In recent years, we have also included  couples in the Journey Week and effectively created a combination of the  Journey Week and Couples Workshop.  This, surprisingly at first, has  proven to be a wonderfully productive addition for both individuals and  couples. 

Unique aspects of our program are  consistent group leadership by the two of us, our open mid-day schedule  which allows for contemplation, rest and quiet time, journalling, and  enjoyment of the unique and beautiful physical environments of the  program venues, and the availability of private rooms for each  participant.  Keeping affordable tuitions has remained a priority as  well. Professionals wishing to do personal work as a training experience  receive 36 training hours.

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